The concept of In-Laws or Outlaws came to me when I overheard a group of older women talking poorly about their sons’ wives. One daughter-in-law in particular was the highlight of conversation, trust me, you’re not going to believe why she was the focus when I tell you. I just hope I don’t offend anyone here when I reveal her terrible offence. Anxious to know why?

Brace yourself……she puts sour cream on her potatoes!


I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Truth is, I’m a little jealous of the “sour cream girl” for enjoying such an indulgence. Her eating habits were the topic of conversation for a while, before they finally came to the conclusion that this sour cream would make her fat. And, not to judge, but let me tell you these women were in no position to talk about weight! Who knew a potato topping would be of such great importance to your In-Laws.

Later the creative wheels began turning in my head, as I considered the stories “sour cream girl” could probably tell about these in-laws of hers. Stories we could all relate to! And so the idea of In-Laws or Outlaws was formed.