For those of you who are interested, yes I have In-laws. I will not refer to them as Outlaws on this site, as my name has not been changed and they are well aware of this project. That being said, I cannot say we’ve always seen eye-to-eye or will always continue to be on the same page. But thanks to all of you, I now know it could always be worse.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, many of us (myself included) have times when we are unable to get along with our own families. So, yes it is only natural that there are times when I do not understand these relatives of mine by marriage, nor do they understand me. Overall though, I am definitely one of the few that can’t complain. The stories submitted here are a reminder that having a good relationship with your In-Laws isn’t always easy.

In the past I’ve probably been the overbearing sister who has thought no one was good enough for my siblings. In the future, I don’t know if I will be known as the evil mother-in-law. I’m just working on making it through my children’s toddler years before I start worrying about their spouses.