Submission Guidelines

In-Laws or Outlaws stories are one-of-a-kind because they’re inspired by true tales. They’re filled with struggles, triumph and humour. Ordinary people, in ordinary marriages who are dealing with extraordinary In-Laws. By sharing your stories with others in our exciting new book, readers will hopefully feel a sense of reassurance as they’re reminded it could always be worse!

For privacy reasons, published stories will not include contributor’s names. Any first names, surnames, titles, etc. within the stories selected for publication will also be changed. Our purpose is not to embarrass, humiliate or insult our In-laws, but instead offer entertainment for our readers. Refer to our privacy policy for further explanation and information regarding names and changes to stories chosen for publication.

What Makes a Great In-Laws or Outlaws Story?

  1. Share with us a humorous, exciting, zany or even sad story about your In-Laws.
  2. Although we alter any names, titles etc. in the stories we receive and publish, they must still be based on true events. Readers trust the tales we publish in our book are inspired by real stories, not fairy-tales.
  3. Share your story in a way to engage our readers, to assure them it could always be worse. We want to laugh out loud, cringe and think “Wow! Are we lucky those aren’t our In-Laws!”

In-Laws or Outlaws Story Requirements

  1. We require each submission to be a minimum of 300 and maximum of 1200 words. If a story is fewer words than the minimum requirement but is still powerful enough, we may still publish it.
  2. Please only submit stories that have not been previously published or printed elsewhere. We will only accept original content for publication.
  3. Stories must be submitted to us via our Submit Story page. We are unable to accept submissions by any other methods. If you are having difficulties submitting your story, please contact us directly so we can resolve the issue.
  4. Currently we are accepting submissions from Canada and the United States only. Be sure to check back regularly, as we are hoping to make changes to this policy.
  5. Once a story has been submitted to In-Laws or Outlaws we own the rights to it and therefore request it is not submitted or used elsewhere. We take pride in publishing only unique content.

Please note: after submitting your In-Law story for review “message sent” will appear at the top of the screen. This is not a guarantee that your story will be published. If your story is chosen for our exciting new book, we will notify you via e-mail. Please be patient as it does take time to go through the several submissions we receive each day.